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Broadcast Equipment, Television and Radio Station

We offers a real and functional "Turn-key" solutions in the Radio/TV broadcast sector. More and more this market dictates that companies such as ours, migrate from being simple equipment providers to a more complex and exaustive station philosophy consultants, offering a vast range of services to include:

- Total project design/management
- Systems/equipment procurement/installation
- Test and acceptance
- Technical assistance
- Total station warranty
- After installation logistical support

The same level of consideration and attention is given to already established networks down to the smallest start-up broadcast stations proposes what we define upgradeable modular global Radio/TV Broadcast solutions, for:

• Radio Studios
• Television Studios
• OB Van
• Satellite Provider
• UP - Link
• Pre Survey
• Radio/TV Broadcast Station Electrical Installation
• Power
• Generation
• Analogic/digital Radio Transmitters
• Analogic/digital TV Transmitters
• Microwave Relays
• Locations
• Towers
• FM/TV Radiating Systems
• Shipments